What Have I Done?

May 31, 2010

I love a challenge. I also love to take chances. Planning is a good thing — for other people. Not for me. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. Or maybe I’m petrified of commitment. Whatever the case, my greatest work or luck or success has happened on an impulse. Mainly because I’m an over-analyzer. I think too much and scare myself out of things. 

This blog is a perfect example of my commitment issues. I actually started it in March, wrote three entries, and then deleted all of them a week later. I left the account open, knowing I’d come back, knowing I’d gain the confidence to activate and energize it enough to edify someone. Even if that someone is me. 

When I started writing for another blog, www.yowdance.com, my “writer confidence” started gaining momentum again. I love to write, but I can be grossly intimidated by it. 

Now, watch this and tell me God isn’t always at work. Go ahead. I dare ya. Uh oh. I just mentioned (that guy). Some of you have already “moused” up to the “X” in your browser. I’m not at all offended. Trust me on this one. I’ve done it, too. And not just on a computer. But, more on that later. 

Anyway, the dance company closed the curtain on another show yesterday, so we’re on a break for a month. I decided it’s time for me to revisit this lonely little blog and start making things happen. It’s time to start making me happen.

For whatever reason, I woke up in the middle of the night and could not — no matter how many sheep I counted, how many different postures in which I placed my body, how many different crooks in which I placed a pillow — fall back asleep.

So, of course, I did the obvious thing: I scrolled through my Twitter feed. About the fourth tweet down I saw @PowerSellingMom’s note: “30-Day Blog Challenge! w/Jeanette Cates http://bit.ly/9qEgCt <- To all my friends asking! HURRY sign up and join us #Blog30” 


I’m signed up. 


Well, I’m committed now. No turning back. And I’m grinning inside because I know the next great work or luck or success is already in action.


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