The Race

June 30, 2010

Here I am, racing against time again. Racing to beat the inevitable deadline. Racing to beat this tired headache behind my eyes to accomplish this little challenge that’s become so important to me. Racing to beat your expectations of what I’ll write. Racing to beat my own expectations.

For days I’ve been thinking, My last post of this 30-Day Blog Challenge is going to blow them away. I threw around ideas to bring it to a perfect ending. But then it hit me, as I sit here tapping the keys at 11:40 p.m.: This is a beginning, not an ending. What’s the rush? Instead of throwing together an incomplete idea about a very complicated subject just to beat the clock, I’m going to let it simmer and write it well in a couple of days when I have time to tell you the truth. The truth according to Melissa. I mean, that’s what this is anyway, right? My truth is relative to me. 

On June 15, I wrote in my post “Accountability” that I heard a voice tell me to “build it and they will come.” Since that day, my hits have increased exponentially. At the time of this writing, I’ve had a total of 1,366 hits in 30 days. For you experienced bloggers, that number will sound pathetic. But to me, it’s a testament to God’s promises. I’m only laying the groundwork right now. Haven’t even begun, really. 

So now the race gets a little bit faster. A little bit more difficult. I have a set speed to beat. And we know how I respond to challenges …


6 thoughts on “The Race

  1. Gloria Rich says:

    Your greatness is peeking through daily! Can’t wait to see how God will continue to use you! You are effidence of how GREAT He is….Keep going Melissa and keep your eyes on HIM!! He has started a good work and he will complete it!!!


  2. Autumn says:

    Prayers and Blessings as you continue to build!!! I LOVE your blog because it is so real!!! 🙂 Congrats on the imcrease of hits!!!


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