Oh, The Web We Weave

Aug. 26, 2010

Ever have those off days? Of course you do. Though it’s hard for me to believe, sometimes. On my off days, I feel like I’m the only one in the world who experiences them.

Earlier this evening I called Shivawn Mitchell, owner and editorial director of L.o.v.e. Magazine and BlogTalkRadio show, and when she answered, I offered a dry, unenthusiastic hi. Not “Hi!” Not “Hello!” but hi. We immediately broke out into laughter. Apparently she’d had a similar kind of day.

“You’re always up, Melissa. That was so unexpected.”

I feel the same way about her. She’s one of those women who always feeds positivity. She always encourages. She … well, she stays maximized, just like her vision.

Recently I became her PR agent, and I help to promote her online magazine and just-launched BlogTalkRadio show. So I’ve made a habit of calling her an hour or so before her show to make sure that everything’s ready and that she’s ready to rock.

Wednesday was Shivawn’s first show, and Candice Wharton of Atlanta Mom on a Mission and BellyBranding was her guest. The show went very well, and the support from the women in The BOSS Network was incredible. I’m telling you, these ladies are nuts! They’re the most positive group of women I know. And they’re coming to a city near you in the six-city “Inspired by Influencers Tour.”

Anyway, I’d like to say the show went swimmingly — it seemed that way to me and other listeners — but what we didn’t know was Shivawn almost got stung by a bee during the interview! There she was, swatting and juking this bee while keeping a calm tone and attentive focus on the great information Candice was sharing. I found this out during our post-show talk, and we hee-hawed about it.

Tonight she interviewed L.A.’s go-to girl, Kimberly Clark of drezrehersal Event Planning Co., and when we talked post-show this time, there was less laughter. She answered the phone with a dry hi. She was being hard on herself about the interview.

And that excites me. Not because I want her to be disappointed, but because it tells me what kind of woman for which I’m working. She has expectations. She has aspirations. She wants to be bigger and better.

The funny part of this, to me, is not the story of the bee or even our unenthusiastic “hi” exchanges. The true humor gets credited to God. Why? Well, I’ve stumbled into one of the most difficult times of my life, and yet I find myself in a (web) of women who have zero tolerance for negativity. You need support? Don’t even waste your breath asking. They’re way ahead of you.

Become a BOSS: thebossnetwork.org

Plan an event: drezrehersal event planning


3 thoughts on “Oh, The Web We Weave

    • melissajdixon says:

      Hi Ms. Spinks!
      Thank you for your support on the show. I’m so glad you’ve joined The BOSS Network. Share and learn, you will.

      I’m sorry you were sick. Hope you’re well, now.

      I like that: No Sacrifice, No Success!


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