Raising Men (A Series)


I would paint this life

Multicolored angst, delight

A dance with love’s cry


You make me so proud

When you tuck your face and sigh

Recognizing “yours”


Breathe in ripened crops

Sense grit in hidden foot-cracks

Heed speed bumps, mountains


Soothe the aching dark

Choreograph its heart-song

High-pitched lullabies


Pray—from your belly

Deep, pithy concentration

A conversation

Dancer in photo: My dear friend, Phillip Turner (“Listen to my Body Talk”)

3 thoughts on “Raising Men (A Series)

  1. I am moved to tears MD. And that almost never happens 🙂 I had no idea about this poem. It is beautiful and that I could be the inspiration for such moving and stirring words is truly an honor. You have a gift! Love you much!


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