Rock Steady, Baby

Sometimes I wish I had me as my own cheerleader. I’m really good at supporting other people in their endeavors. Really good. But, when it comes to promoting myself, I’m a big fat wimp. The very second I click Submit or Enter or Tweet or Send or Share or Publish when I’m promoting something I’ve accomplished, I wince and practically break out into hives.

Most times, I delete it immediately. Or I stet myself.

Today, something really cool happened to me. Today, I felt pretty good for a few minutes. Like the blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed was starting to pay off in small but significant increments.

I’m grateful for the people who acknowledged my endeavors. I’ll name them: Kimberly Clark, Tisa Silver, Charlotte Betts, Tom Kidd, Tom Perkins, Tabitha Johnson, Gabrielle Hoffmann, Heather Lockwood, Colleen Bethancourt, Randy Turner, Cheryl Petrone, Jennifer Antonosanti, Michelle Melver and Jennifer Oropeza.

And me.

If anyone’s interested, here are the two things that were big deals for me today:

MJD: Good for you! Rock steady, baby.

And, here are two other things that were big deals to me:

  • Jenn in Japan’s blog was recognized by WordPress this week. We were English majors together.
  • Tyler Reed was selected as a judge in the Folio Magazine awards. She’s a co-worker of mine.

Jenn and Tyler: Good for you! Rock steady, baby.


4 thoughts on “Rock Steady, Baby

  1. Gabby says:

    You have every right to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. It would be a shame to go through life doing so much good without once in awhile noticing that you’re doing it. 😉


    • Melissa J. Dixon says:

      You’ve been a constant support for me. I’m so happy our paths have crossed. Not because of your support for me, but because you’re a remarkable woman. You are sharp and talented and serious about your business. You also happen to be one of the kindest people I know.

      Thank you for being such a cool friend.


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