“I personally recruited Melissa Dixon in Jan 2014 in the role of Communications & Content Specialist. Handing over the responsibility of being the ‘voice’ of the brand was a decision not taken lightly. I can honestly say that Melissa exceeded our expectations in every way. She has an incredibly conscientious work ethic, commitment to the task at hand, passion for continued improvement and infectious personality – a true pleasure to work with.” Neil Salt, Managing Director & Co-founder at Gooee (formerly CMO & head of product, Aurora Group) [UK]

“Melissa is dedicated and hardworking. She is always laser-focused on the end goal, and knows how to put each word in its place to get there. Melissa has remarkable communication skills with an extraordinary sense of strategy and timing. No challenge is too big, and no goal is too out-of-reach. I really enjoyed working with and learning from Melissa.” — Charlie Roehm, Front-End Designer

“It has been fantastic working with Melissa. She is an excellent communicator who helped the product marketing team improve their communications to the Group Companies which was vital in creating awareness for new products, webinars, marketing materials or other important information. Melissa works proactive and provides leadership for both local and remote teams, making sure all teams are pulling in the same direction. Personally, I was very impressed with her skills and variety of capability from writing copies for different audiences to professional voice over for videos.” Anja Stolte, product marketing director, Aurora Group [UK]

“A creative, articulate and highly skilled presenter: these characteristics highlight Melissa Dixon’s core strengths and competencies. Since joining Aurora as Content and Communications Specialist in January 2014, Melissa became the central ‘voice’ of the Group’s communications whilst managing online content such as Web pages and posts, email, social media, publications, press releases and editorials, documents, presentations, trade shows and event promotions, scripts for videos and webinars, online advertisements, and polls / questionnaires. As a dedicated professional, Melissa completed all assigned tasks enthusiastically and efficiently whether working alone or within the Marketing Team. During my interactions with Melissa, I have found her to be an engaging and positive personality who has played a significant role in improving and rolling out Aurora communications across the Globe.” Cindy Gemmell, Group HR manager, Aurora Group [UK]

“Melissa is an extremely organized and creative communications professional. She had a great rapport with our media partners which drove value and increased exposure for our business.” – Amy Skiff, VP of marketing, Ebix/A.D.A.M. (former VP of marketing, B.A.S.S., LLC and senior marketing manager at ESPN Outdoors/BASS)

“Melissa is the consummate professional … a born leader, she excelled in every challenge thrown at her during her time at World Disney World … with integrity, creativity and overabundance of efficiency! I am a Melissa fan!” – Stacey Johnson-Bew, director, Palm Circle Productions (former talent casting director, Walt Disney World)

“I would highly recommend Melissa for any position related to writing, editing, research, or communication. She is a talented writer and editor, and her attention to detail is top-notch. Melissa developed strong relationships with industry sources and worked closely with writers and the design team in creating an award-winning trade publication.” – Jennifer McCormick, editorial professional (former assistant editor of ESPN Outdoors’ Bassmaster Magazine)

“This stunning gorgeous lady is a complete joy to work with. I think it is safe to say the camera loves her too!” – Steve O’Donnell, owner, Photography by Steve O’Donnell

“I have known Melissa for years and have had the pleasure of seeing her wear many hats. No matter the scenario or situation, it’s taken care of with passion, integrity, and perfection. Never in my life have I known someone with such tremendous drive and wholehearted commitment. Anything she touches has been left better than before she was there. You want this woman in your corner. There are dreamers and there are doers. Melissa is a doer. I have never seen her fail at anything she set her mind to. Within her is an inspiration and unflinching courage that could move a mountain.” – Eric Yow, artistic director, Yow Dance

“Melissa has proved to be one of the most capable and dedicated writers of her field. I have had the pleasure of working with her in a multitude of capacities, from performer to editor, where she has immersed herself in each product and delivered quality work time and time again with the utmost professionalism and heart. It has been a great gift to be able to work with Melissa and learn from her example on being a strong and inspiring woman within the workplace and in life.” – Gabby Hoffmann