I Lie

Every day I walk out of my house, I lie. I strut as though my clothes are made of silks. My hips switch and sway and slap my silken svelte silhouette. Swoosh.

Every day I step out of my car, I lie. I smile as though my “whip” is washed in wealth. My teeth reek of a rich man’s right to ride in a Rolls Royce. Roar.

Every day I write out of my soul, I lie. I spew as though my heart is purged and pure. My words drip with daunting desperation to devour your dampened desire. Drop.

Every day I dance out of my core, I lie. I soar as though my limbs have learned to sail. My thighs burn as blessings billow beyond my benevolence. Bow.

I lie.

3 thoughts on “I Lie

  1. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for your unending honesty and confidence. You’re the type of woman I long to be.


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