Sense And Sensitivity

With nothing but the best intentions, I tried to post as much as possible to the Yow Dance blog during our Boston trip. In my mind, it was an opportunity we would potentially have only once. In my mind, it was an opportunity to bring everyone—you—along with us. It seems only fitting to let Eric detail Friday, the last day of our trip, for you. Continue reading “Sense And Sensitivity”

Fly Like A Thunderbird, Sting Like A Bee

From the time I was in grade school until I was in my early 20s, I looked forward to every opportunity I had to dance or sing or act or whatever means I could release my artistic expression. The community tours with Erie Playhouse’s Showstoppers, the Youtheatre All Stars, Traveling Showcase, or even the multitude of performances I had to do for my mom’s or dad’s different organizations or the convalescent home for which my sister worked, all excited me. Continue reading “Fly Like A Thunderbird, Sting Like A Bee”