MVP (Most Valuable Prince)

After J’s football game today (it was a tough one: We scored three touchdowns that were called back with flags on the plays and, not to mention a cheating ref, but that’s not important; we ended up losing 14-0) the team gathered for a quick meeting, and then the kids began to disperse. Some went this way, others went that.

J’s dad had to get to work, and because J’s friends rode with us to the field, we were trying to collect them and get out. We had his friends, but no J.

I looked where the other kids had gone: in the bleachers, under the bleachers, in the back field …

No J.

We didn’t panic because we knew he was talking to someone. The older kids had started their game, so we figured he was talking to someone while watching the game. But who?

Then, J’s dad spotted our prince on the opponents’ side of the field. His bright yellow T-shirt gave him away. So, we headed that way.

As I got closer to J, I saw what he was doing, and my heart stopped. He was greeting all the players (opponents) and shaking their hands, congratulating them on their win as they walked by. No helmet, no jersey. Just J.

The kids (opponents) walking past me were saying, “That kid is cool!” The parents were saying, “How sweet is he?”

Even now, my breath escapes me when I think about it. J did that on his own.

The team had already done the typical line up, cross-the-field-and-shake-hands thing. But that wasn’t enough for J.


Now, if we all could learn to treat our “opponents” this way …

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